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Doomed Justice


March Comes in Like A Lion . . .

Since the beginning of DJ, our ideas, thoughts and goals about what a guild should be like were simple . . . to be able to enjoy the entire experience EQ has to offer!  We have created a fun atmosphere with plenty of events to keep anyone's interest in one or more areas of the game going.  As we grow, and invite more people into our family, we are able to achieve that goal.  Thank you to all who have taken our name, and made it a part of yours.  Happy hunting everyone.


It is our mission to have a fun, enjoyable, learning game experience, while in the company of our friends and family in a relaxed atmosphere.  We are not only committed to teaching in a steady pace, but are willing to learn and grow with each and every one of you.  Welcome home, and as always, have fun DJ STYLE!!

Dkp will be tracked at the following site.

DJ Playstyle Rules    

When filling out your application, please remember we have a style in which gameplay rules apply for this guild.  Please remember these rules, as you are not only representing yourself, but you are representing your new family.  Keep in mind the following:

  • While in any style of chat, conduct is important.  No arguing, excessive cursing, shouting, and begging of any kind is acceptable.
  • No ninja looting.  Need before greed always applies.
  • If issues arise while dealing with another player, contact an officer immediately.
  • Always invite a guildie to join you if you have room in your group before choosing someone from the LFG window or from outside the guild.
  • If you need assistance with anything, always use any resources available from the Internet as well as guildies.
  • ALWAYS go out in Style.  Thank others for joining your group, or thank them for being allowed to join theirs.
  • AND ABOVE all  . . . . . HAVE FUN !
Raid Rules:  Information coming soon. Please keep an eye out for DKP system, who will be allowed to raid, rules for conduct, etc
wrxman 5/21/2015 7:41 PM
sayin hello
wrxman 5/21/2015 7:41 PM
tomz here
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